BCHS Streamlines COVID-19 Testing with Appointio


The Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) consists of Brantford General Hospital in Brantford and The Willett Hospital in Paris, Ontario. 

Like many health care providers all over the world, BCHS has had to adapt to protect public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving over 130,000 residents, BCHS needed to streamline administrative processes wherever possible to ensure resources were going to patient care.


As public health guidelines related to COVID-19 testing evolved, scheduled appointments were mandated and BCHS needed a customized, user-friendly application that would allow patients to book appointments online. To complicate matters, the application needed to be up and running quickly and be secure enough to protect the personal health information of individuals.


BCHS worked with eSolutionsGroup, a partner that had provided other digital solutions previously to the organization, to implement Appointio. eSolutions’ Appointio is a quick-launch solution that eliminates much of the administrative burden of appointment booking. As a stand-alone application, it does not require complicated implementation, and can be up and running in a few days. BCHS was able to customize the platform to ensure it would meet the specific needs of clients and patients, and its design aligned with their existing digital presence to increase the credibility of the system.


Appointio was up and running quickly, and became a vital component for BCHS in managing COVID-19 testing appointments. The application uses a simple public calendar interface to clearly display available times, making the scheduling process intuitive and straightforward. Appointio was able to handle the high volume of appointments without interruption, and BCHS staff had no trouble using the system to manage those appointments.

Within the first three days of launching, more than 1,500 appointments were booked seamlessly. Thanks to Appointio, our teams have more time to focus on testing and caring for the people we serve.
Laura Doherty
CFO & Vice President, Support Services – Brant County Healthcare System

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