Manage Online Bookings With Ease

Streamline your appointment scheduling by bringing it all online, and empower users to book their own appointments based on the availability you define.

Why Appointio?

Save Time

Allow customers to schedule appointments online quickly and easily, freeing up your time to manage operations.

Build Calendars That Work for You

Create and manage multiple calendars with varying schedules that will fit the needs of your employees, departments or locations. 

Protect Your Employees and Visitors

Manage how many visitors are in your business or office, keeping your employees safe, and your organization aligned to public health recommendations.

Appointio in Action

As public health guidelines related to COVID-19 testing evolved, scheduled appointments were mandated and Brant Community Healthcare System needed a customized, user-friendly application that would allow patients to book appointments online. Read more about how Appointio became a vital component in BCHS' response to COVID-19. 

Appointment Scheduling That Works For Your Organization

Appointio allows you to build a scheduling system that is customized to your organization. Build out multiple calendars for different employees, departments or locations and provide permissions to each calendar owner.

Making a calendar sceenshot

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